Optimize your health with help from Mary’s Natural, LLC and Mary Sahs, ND

  • Wake up feeling vibrant and loving life every morning.
  • Have the energy to do what needs to be done, with plenty left over for fun.
  • Maintain a positive outlook, even through tough times.
  • Live longer and enjoy your extra years.

Please feel free to browse our services and products.  If you have any questions about how I can help you with your nutritional needs and/or your overall health, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am ready to help you make the step into a healthier tomorrow!

This website is designed to help you learn to love healthy, nutritious whole foods even more than the sugary, high-fat foods you’ve been claiming to love, even while they have been claiming your health and your energy.

As most of us are aware, nutritional standards have been changing a bit over the years. Even the US government has recognized that the old Food Pyramid they promoted for so long was flawed. The new Food Pyramid they developed is an improvement, but still doesn’t tell the whole story.

“Mary Sahs is an expert in stress related conditions such as anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. She guides people through the maze of available natural healing modalities to form a strategy for achieving better health based on personal values and preferences.”

Learn the ART of eating well.

I hope you will be open to expanding your culinary horizons, as you discover the joys of eating well, repairing your overwhelmed digestive system, and feeling great because of the food you eat.

If you avoid eating any healthful food because you “don’t like it,” let me show you how you can re-program those old food dislikes and allow you to find deep enjoyment in all the healthful foods you eat.

My goal here is to provide information to help you

understand which foods will be best to incorporate into your food plan, which ones are best avoided, and how you can prepare tasty meals that will change your mind, if you’ve had any notions that eating healthy is tasteless and boring

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